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Benefits of Malverne Chiropractic Treatment of the Thoracic Spine

Full spine care is offered at Malverne Health & Wellness. Malverne chiropractic treatment of the thoracic spine benefits mid-spine pain as well as neck and low back pain even. The thoracic spine impacts the cervical spine impacts the lumbar spine. They are all interconnected! Recent research is describing how treating an adjoining section of the spine impacts the pain relief of the other. Malverne Health & Wellness treats the full spine of each of our Malverne chiropractic patients for most advantage. Research is reinforcing this!


Neck pain and other cervical spine conditions restrict motion in the neck. Thoracic spine spinal manipulation enhanced neck function for patients with chronic or recurrent neck or shoulder pain with or without arm pain who had experienced such pain for at least 3 months. Thoracic spine manipulation efficiently increased flexion and rotation of the cervical region. (1) Another study used thoracic spine manipulation to reduce neck pain and better cervical spine range of motion in patients with mechanical neck pain and cervicothoracic junction dysfunction. It worked! (2) Sometimes it only takes one treatment. In this report, one thoracic manipulation session comparably delivered pain relief at immediate-term follow-up for chronic neck pain patients as thoracic mobilization. (3) Your Malverne chiropractor at Malverne Health & Wellness is well-trained in providing thoracic spine manipulation that not only feels great but is quite relieving.


Patients with neck pain and cervical spine motion limitation may come with other issues that need relief, too. A case report of a female patient experiencing neurofibromatosis (type 1) along with neck, scapula, lumbar and temporomandibular pain and headache describes relief with chiropractic care. Cervical spine flexion distraction spinal manipulation along with myofascial release, ergonomic patient education, and active care recommendations decreased neck pain and headache frequency. The chronic tightness and pain in the cervicothoracic regions and lumbar spine due to removal of the neurofibroma were eased too. (4) Your Malverne chiropractor is certain to address the primary and any influencing factors to your spine pain condition. Relief of pain is the goal!

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Listen to the PODCAST with Dr.  Kurt Olding on the Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes care with the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for patients experiencing thoracic disc herniations. Thoracic spine chiropractic care is also very specific in treatment of specific thoracic spine pain conditions as well!                                     

Make your next Malverne chiropractic appointment with Malverne Health & Wellness. It’s all connected: the neck, the mid-spine, the low back. Pain in one spot may be eased by treating adjacent spots. Chiropractic care at Malverne Health & Wellness is full spine!

Malverne Health & Wellness is amazed at the benefit of thoracic spine treatment beyond the thoracic spine to help even neck and back pain.  
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