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Scoliosis: New Predictor of Curve Progression

Scoliosis in young people is usually frustrating for its young patient, parent and Malverne chiropractic physician. Malverne Health & Wellness consults with Malverne young people and their families about scoliosis, its current state as well as its potential progress and monitoring. Malverne Health & Wellness sees its role as that of member of the Malverne scoliosis healthcare team.

picture of scoliosis
Now in discussing scoliosis in young people, it is usually called idiopathic as no one cause has been identified for the spinal curvature. (1) 80% of scoliosis cases are idiopathic in adolescents, so it's often called "adolescent idiopathic scoliosis". Neurological dysfunction is one factor under consideration as a cause as researchers note that an increase in body sway follows sensory manipulation. So they wonder: could sensory processing impairment cause such curvature? (1) That’s an interesting concept for your Malverne chiropractor to keep in mind.

Another point of interest is the new report that suggests a way to predict the progression of spinal scoliosis. Malverne Health & Wellness appreciates this revelation as it is a way to alert your Malverne chiropractic physician to signs that indicate more treatment is necessary. It’s also a comfort to the young scoliotic patient and his or her family! So what is this system? It is called the Sanders Skeletal Maturity Staging System. It’s based on the progressive growth and subsequent fusion of epiphyses of small long bones of hand. Remarkable! It identifies 8 stages of progression from “juvenile slow” to “mature.” (2) If you like, ask for more details at your next Malverne chiropractic visit.

As for chiropractic care of pediatric conditions like scoliosis, one review shares that patients and parents responded favorably to spinal manipulation. (3) That’s what Malverne Health & Wellness offers!

So contact Malverne Health & Wellness today to discuss your or your loved one’s case of idiopathic scoliosis knowing that Malverne Health & Wellness can monitor scoliosis progression for signs that require more care may be needed and treat with spinal manipulation to maintain mobility and strength in the spine as (or if) it develops.

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