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Malverne Chiropractic Nutrition: Gut, Bone, Chondroitin Sulfate

The gut and osteoporosis. Two seemingly unconnected conditions may actually be connected beyond the fact that they both take place in the body. Osteoporosis’ effect is often seen in deteriorated bone. Gut issues’ effect is often seen in problems with digestion. Researchers now are discovering ties between gut health and osteoporosis’ effect on bone health. Malverne Health & Wellness helps Malverne chiropractic patients experiencing both issues!


Malverne osteoporosis is quite prevalent. So are gut issues. Gut health change via the use of probiotics has grown to be more mainstream in recent years to help chronic diseases like autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes and cancer. Now, researchers are turning to the health of the gut microbiome to deal with bone mass regulation which influences osteoporosis and osteopenia. (1) Senile osteoporosis is linked to a reduced bone mineral density (BMD) and modified microbiota. How these are linked in postmenopausal osteoporosis is not yet known. A study that tried to sort this out did find that there was reduced bacterial richness and diversity in postmenopausal osteoporosis with significant difference in levels of phyla and genera in gut microbiota. (2) Malverne Health & Wellness finds these new discoveries involving gut health and osteoporosis useful in managing Malverne osteoporosis treatment planning.


Malverne chiropractic care of osteoporosis is complex incorporating spinal manipulation via the gentle Cox® Technic protocols, exercise, and nutrition. Looking at osteoporosis as a condition likely involving the microbiota of the gut, researchers are now using dietary approaches to deal with osteoporosis. Nutritionally, a chondroitin sulfate/calcium complex enhanced the BMD and microstructure of the osteoporotic femur bone in a rat study. It also changed levels of the serum bone markers. This supplement intervention of chondroitin and calcium has the potential to ease osteoporosis and its symptomatology. (3) Malverne Health & Wellness is well versed in the effects of chondroitin sulfate for disc health and is enthused it may also benefit osteoporosis.

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Schedule your Malverne chiropractic appointment now. The osteoporosis and gut health connection isn’t a shocking connection for Malverne Health & Wellness. We are here to help both!

Malverne Health & Wellness presents new research linking microbiota in the gut to chondroitin sulfate and bone health and osteoporosis.  
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