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Malverne Exercise and Spinal Manipulation Recommended for Older Adult Back Pain

Older back pain patients find relief with combined chiropractic care: spinal manipulation and mobilization plus exercise. That’s what new best practices guidelines recommend. Surprised? Not likely! Your Malverne chiropractor takes care of your spine, and you take care of your spine! Together, your Malverne chiropractor and you the Malverne back pain sufferer create a great spine care team. Malverne Health & Wellness is your local Malverne chiropractic care center where Malverne back pain patients meet their Malverne chiropractor to form a treatment plan to relieve pain as well as future back pain prevention plan.

A recent high-level research review reaffirms that spinal manipulation is safe for older adults suffering with back pain. Malverne Health & Wellness values this verification! How did they do this? The systematic review of all published articles over a 7 year period updated current recommendations. Thirty-seven panelists contributed to this best practices guidelinesreview and update. Conclusively, they agreed on current statements regarding the best practices for chiropractic care of older adults with back pain. They reinforced the current statement about how safe spinal manipulation is for these patients. The panel added two supplementary notes of advice that (1) chiropractors should recommend exercise to back pain patients who are older and (2) manipulation and mobilization contribute to general positive outcomes not just for pain reduction. (1) Malverne Health & Wellness agrees! Malverne chiropractic patients often seek care that will reduce their back pain. Then, they find Malverne chiropractic care that does more than just back pain relief. Chiropractic incorporation of nutrition, exercise, and wellness care encourages them to welcome a healthier approach to life.

This chiropractic care starts with back pain relief. The spinal manipulation approach Malverne Health & Wellness uses is known as Cox Technic. From the research studies about this approach, it is known that radiculopathy (leg pain), chronic moderate/severe back pain and recurrent mild back pain (pain than comes and goes) react more favorably to chiropractic Cox Technic than to medical conservative care. This study also documented that chronic/recurrent – back pain that recurs several times a year – reacts better to exercise. (2) Malverne Health & Wellness recognizes that exercise is critical to control back pain and prevent future back pain. Malverne Health & Wellness urges all our Malverne chiropractic patients to help themselves with exercise.

Schedule your Malverne chiropractic visit with Malverne Health & Wellness to discuss Malverne back pain relief and prevention in older adults with Malverne chiropractic care and suitable Malverne exercise. Your Malverne chiropractor and you will collaborate as well as recommended spinal manipulation and exercise do to safely and successfully ease low back pain.

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