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Use of Malverne Regenerative Cellular Therapies

The body has an innate ability to heal itself provided it is given the “tools necessary” to do so. If your body does not have the tools to do so, these therapies and procedures are giving your body the tools to heal. As we age, our bodies produce progressively less and less of the healing factors and growth factors necessary for the body to repair or heal. If the growth and healing factors are there but insufficient to accomplish the task of healing,  Prolo-therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Regenerative Tissue & Cellular Therapies [formerly called "stem cell"] procedures can enhance the body’s abilities to repair, rebuild, and heal itself. For 3 years, we have been traveling the country to visit and train at premiere facilities leading the field in regenerative cellular therapies and are excited to be able to bring these safe, effective, evidence based state-of-the-art reparative and regenerative therapies to the communities that we have served for more than 38 years.

Prolo-Therapy is usually a series of non-surgical soft tissue regenerative injections to treat injured ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, and joint capsules. A natural irritant [dextrose] is injected into the area to stimulate healing, strengthen ligaments, and over time, stabilize joints. Prolo-Therapy is not as effective for chronic conditions because the body's natural ability to heal conditions that you have had for a long time has been suppressed and the response reduced.
Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP] Therapy is generated from the patient's own blood. Your blood is drawn, centrifuged [spun down] to separate red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and growth factors. It is concentrated 4 to 8 times, and then re-injected directly into the injury site to promote healing, decrease pain, and most importantly improve function. There is no rejection risk. Your own systems and the concentrated plasma enhance the body's natural ability to heal.
Regenerative Tissue & Cellular Therapies provide healing factors and mesenchymal stem cells[MSC's] that have the ability to differentiate into multiple tissues including bone, cartilage, muscle, fat cells, and connective tissues. They become the same as the injured cells and tissues. As we age  the number of stem cells that our body can produce drops and it becomes more difficult to heal as you get older. Regenerative medical procedures can bring your body hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of MSC's and healing growth factors for your body to use. Once activated, they can proliferate and migrate to sites of injury, to facilitate repair, remodeling, and healing.
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